Why People Aren’t Applying to Your Jobs: What You Need to Know

Your Job Descriptions Are Vague

You have to perform a delicate balancing act when drafting job descriptions. On the one hand, if you provide too much information, you may overwhelm a potential candidate, discouraging them from applying as a result. On the other hand, if you don’t provide enough detail, they may struggle to understand what the job entails.

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You Didn’t Provide the Company Name

Don’t make this simple (but easy-to-overlook) mistake! Unless they’re desperate, most people want to know about a company before applying for a job with it. If you don’t provide the company name in your listing, no one can research it, significantly limiting the number of potential candidates that are likely to apply.

You Haven’t Described Your Company Well Enough

Some company names are well-known brands. If someone is applying for a job at Google, they don’t need to be told what type of organization Google is. However, in many instances and industries, there are plenty of companies (including highly successful ones) that job applicants may not be immediately familiar with.

Your Job Title Doesn’t Clearly Set Expectations

These days in particular, it’s not uncommon for recruiters and hiring managers to try and make jobs sound more appealing by using unique listing titles. Examples include “Are You Our Social Media Ninja?” or “Looking for a Content Superstar to Join a Growing Team!”

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You Haven’t Provided Compensation Information

While some salaries may be negotiable, it’s best to at least include a potential range somewhere in your job posts. People looking for jobs don’t want to apply to positions where they won’t earn a salary commensurate with their skill.



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