What You Need to Know about Developing an Employer Brand

Survey Your Employees

It’s easier to develop an employer brand after you learn your current employees’ perspective on that brand. Distribute anonymous surveys among your staff, asking people about their impression of the company’s internal brand before they joined and during the hiring process, or whether they had an impression at all. In addition, ask if and how that impression changed once they actually started working at the company.

Highlight Your Employees

People play the biggest role in determining the culture and employer brand at any company. Thus, you should highlight your staff in your recruitment materials.

Update Your Careers Website

Does your company have a separate careers website? If not, it’s important to create one. You need a platform where you can separate your employer brand from the brand you show customers. If you already have a careers website, review it to determine if there are ways to improve it.

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Recruit with Your Values in Mind

An organization’s mission and values also contribute significantly to its employer brand. Luckily, the recruitment process can embody those values.



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Jason Hanold

Jason Hanold

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