Unique Executive Search Ideas You Need to Know

Create a Video

This may seem like a bit of a quirky idea, but it can actually yield very strong results. After all, it’s extremely important that any executive you hire be a good fit for your company culture. Even someone with immense talent, drive, and experience may still be a poor fit if their values and personality don’t align with those of your organization.

Keep an Inventory of Stories

Executives need to believe in the work they are doing for your company. They need to believe its mission and values are worthwhile. Believing in the organization’s goals generates the kind of passion that’s necessary in a leadership role.


Invite Them Over

As these points should illustrate, one of your main goals when performing an executive search is to find candidates who support your values and fit in with your culture. That’s why it’s important to give them as many opportunities as possible to learn about your values and culture.



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Jason Hanold

Jason Hanold


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