This Is How You Can Find Talented Employees in a Small City

Jobseekers consider many factors when deciding whether to accept a position, and location can be a very important one. Unless an employee can work remotely, they are going to need to live relatively close to your company. This may deter some talented people from accepting jobs at your organization if you’re located in a small city or town. Additionally, you may have trouble finding the right employees simply because of the inherently smaller talent pool.

Does this sound familiar? While it can be challenging to recruit talent when your location is outside a major city or metropolitan area, you can still find ways to attract excellent applicants. The following tips will help.

Hire the Best Recruiting Firms

Recruiting is easier in general when you enlist the help of a company that specializes in it. This is true no matter where your business is located. The experts at recruiting firms have large networks and know how to find applicants in ways you may not be familiar with. They’re often more equipped to find talented candidates who already live near your office or are otherwise willing to relocate.

Just remember to conduct your research before hiring a recruiter. You want to make sure you’re choosing one of the best recruiting firms you can find.

Offer Perks

The right perks will almost always make a job more attractive to a potential candidate. In some cases, they can even compensate for a weakness, such as an undesirable job location.

One of the most obvious perks you can provide in this situation is the ability to work from home a few days a week. This kind of flexible scheduling can help persuade people who live a considerable distance away and aren’t willing to make a long commute every day, but who could manage it one or two days a week.

Make the Position Remote

Remote work is on the rise, and it’s easy to see why. Today’s technology allows companies to hire fully remote workers for much of their staff. Obviously, many jobseekers are drawn to opportunities that provide this degree of flexibility.

Hiring remote workers can also benefit your company immensely. One, you won’t have to spend as much money on office space. More importantly, you’ll be able to expand your search beyond your small city when filling open positions.

Not all roles can be filled remotely, of course. There are plenty of jobs that require workers to be in the office at least some of the time. However, there are instances in which hiring a fully remote employee is entirely reasonable and appropriate. Consider whether this is the case for the position you need to fill.

Cultivate an Attractive Company Culture

The value of a strong company culture can’t be overstated. When a culture is strong and positive, workers are more likely to remain at the company. They’ll also enthusiastically promote the benefits of working for your organization to their friends and family. This helps you attract talented applicants. Even if your location isn’t exactly what they’re looking for, the chance to work in a positive and encouraging environment may be more important to them.

Sell the Benefits of Small City Life

Keep in mind that your small city could be a draw, not a disadvantage, for many candidates. Consider the benefits of small city life: generally, smaller cities have less crime, less traffic, and more affordable housing. The housing angle can be a huge draw. In many large metropolitan areas, the cost of housing is skyrocketing, putting home ownership out of reach even for professionals who earn respectable salaries. When recruiting, emphasize the fact that in your small town, people can actually afford to buy a house.

Emphasize Your Company’s Career Growth Opportunities

To an increasing degree, job seekers report a desire for positions that allow for career growth. Today’s workers are ambitious people who want to know a job will give them the chance to climb the ladder in the future.

This is often a reason why applicants avoid accepting positions in small towns and cities. If they think their field or industry has a limited presence in your area, they might feel that taking a job at your company will limit their career.

That’s why you need to not only provide employees with growth opportunities, but also ensure you’re promoting these opportunities during recruiting. Letting candidates know about career advancement opportunities they may not have considered is a simple but effective way to make any job more attractive.

Consider Referrals

There are times when it’s best to work with executive hiring firms to fill open positions. For instance, if you’re looking to fill a critically important executive role and you don’t want to promote from within, working with a CEO recruiting firm can help you identify the right candidate.

However, for less critical positions, your current employees likely know other people in your field who may be talented and experienced enough to succeed at your company. When recruiting for these positions, ask your employees if they have any referrals — you can incentivize them by offering a bonus or other reward. Referrals can help you tap into a much larger network of candidates.

Final Thoughts

Don’t despair if your business isn’t located in a major metropolitan area. Even if your city lacks the brand recognition of New York, Chicago, and San Francisco, it’s still possible to build a strong and talented workforce with the above essential tips.

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