How to Project Energy — and Downplay Age — in the Senior Executive Job Search

Jason Hanold
1 min readMar 22, 2021


Companies will always need senior executives, but they want executives who are focused on the job, not on the next chapter of their life. What is the mid-life and older job seeking executive to do? What do organizations need to do to promote age diversity?

To shed light on these questions and more, Jason Hanold, CEO and Managing Partner of Hanold Associates Search Firm, the leading retained boutique executive search firm specializing in human resources leadership recruiting, joined ExecuNet’s Head of Learning Tony Vlahos for an ExecuNetSelect insights conversation.

Here’s a look at their conversation:

  • 0:50 The state of executive hiring in 2021
  • 2:04 What themes are emerging?
  • 4:24 The skills and attributes organizations will always need from mid-life executives
  • 5:53 The need for transparency from both employers and from candidates
  • 10:20 Focus on value not age
  • 13:06 Diversity, age and other types
  • 15:43 The market is on fire!

Jason said he hasn’t seen this level of activity in the market in his over years of doing executive recruiting. “The market is on fire right now with opportunities and growth and new businesses,” he said. Listen to the conversation now to hear all that Jason had to say about executive recruiting.



Jason Hanold

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