How to Keep Candidates Engaged During the Hiring Process

Choosing who to hire can take a long time. This is particularly true when filling executive roles. You’ll want the individuals that you recruit to be an ideal fit because they will play a crucial role in your organization’s success. Therefore, it’s beneficial to take your time when selecting from a list of candidates. Working with an executive search firm can help you boost the efficiency of this process. When you consult with experts whose primary responsibility involves identifying strong candidates, you can focus on other tasks.

However, screening applicants can still take time, which is why it’s important to maintain contact with strong candidates that you might hire later. If you don’t stay in contact, then they might accept positions elsewhere before you can make an offer. You can safeguard against this by keeping the following tips in mind.

Send text messages

You’re likely a busy person who has numerous responsibilities that you must attend to throughout any given day. This means that you probably know how valuable automation can be. Using the right technologies to automate key tasks can increase your efficiency and productivity.

You can apply the same principle when reaching out to candidates during the recruitment process. Sending automated text messages that let them know that you are still considering them for the position that they applied for will help you stay in touch.

However, you should avoid stripping the human element from your correspondence. It’s still important to reach out to candidates directly, especially if you’re particularly interested in them. In the meantime, automated texts can sustain their engagement without the need for you to neglect your other responsibilities.

Host webinars or informal events

If your company is holding or participating in an informal event, consider inviting potential employees to attend. This can reassure them that you’re still considering their applications, as well as to encourage them to stay interested in working for your organization. Candidates who attend can ask you detailed questions, while you can use it as an opportunity to sell your company further by highlighting its vision, major milestones, company culture, and future goals.

Moreover, you can also send invitations to them to watch talks or webinars on career or industry topics presented by people at your organization. You can let them watch these free of charge and promote them with a few reminders via e-mails as the date draws closer.

Create a newsletter

Remember, your organization is probably not the only one interested in hiring the candidates that you’re reviewing. It’s possible that they are weighing other offers and opportunities. Therefore, it’s beneficial to outline the reasons why working at your organization would prove beneficial to them.

Asking potential hires to sign up for a regular newsletter can assist with this process. A newsletter sent via e-mail can be a powerful tool to engage customers. However, many organizations overlook how valuable it can be for the purposes of maintaining a connection with job candidates.

Every week, you can send articles to candidates on subjects such as career progression, management, leadership, and status updates related to your industry. You could also include tips on resume writing and making a good impression on recruiters. Doing so will serve two purposes. First, it will help you to stay in contact with those whom you might eventually hire. In addition, it will make the prospect of working at your company more attractive by demonstrating your efforts in connecting with new hires.

Prioritize quick response times

Staying in touch with potential candidates doesn’t always only mean reaching out to them. There can also be instances when they contact you to ask about the status of their application. It’s important that you respond quickly when this happens. Make sure to take all the necessary steps to ensure that you don’t overlook a candidate’s message.

How you go about this will likely depend on your resources and processes. For example, if you have an assistant, you could ask them to prioritize e-mails, calls, or texts that you receive from candidates, let you know when they occur, and remind you to respond to them if you forget to do so.

You might also be able to use technology-based solutions to help you maintain prompt response times. Perhaps you can add the e-mail addresses of your strongest candidates to a “high priority” list, ensuring that their e-mails are marked as such when they arrive in your inbox. You could also try adjusting your phone’s settings so that the texts you receive from them are also sent to your inbox. This can limit the odds of missing messages.

Be transparent about employee screening periods

From the beginning, you should let candidates know that your employee screening process might take some time. Candidates will be more likely to stay patient if they know how long they can expect to wait for you to make a decision. Being upfront and maintaining communication is critical to keeping candidates interested in your organization.

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