Executive Search Tips You Need to Know

Ask for Internal Help

Depending on your industry, it’s entirely possible that current members of your team know of individuals who may be right for an open executive position. Asking your coworkers to share their extensive networks can help you cast a wider net.

Ask Candidates What Motivates Them

It’s important that executives are passionate about their work. If they’re not, they may leave the company early, which can be costly. Additionally, if they lack passion, they won’t succeed in motivating their teams when challenges arise.

Ask about Side Projects

Some business owners and recruiters have found that the strongest executives also tend to be the type of people who aren’t content to simply relax when they’re no longer at work. Because they have naturally ambitious and creative personalities, they’re always hungry for work, even on side projects and hobbies. These types of people make effective executives because their hunger and work ethic translate to strong job performance.


Be a Student

There are instances when a qualified candidate will still need to learn new skills or acquire new industry knowledge to truly thrive at your company. If a candidate is a good fit, don’t disqualify them merely because they will need to expand their knowledge and expertise. The fact that they’ve made it this far in their career means they are almost certainly capable of learning.



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Jason Hanold

Jason Hanold


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